Portrait & Event Photography NYC

Culture Vultures Comedy Show 8/29/17

When I arrived at Talde restaurant in New Jersey, I was a little lost, confused, and wet (it was raining). The restaurant was gorgeous, wide open, modern, spacious, a real classy joint. I couldn't imagine there would be a comedy show here, but I told the hostess that I was there to shoot a comedy show and she confidently pointed to an open set of doors behind her. I must've made a wrong turn because I found myself in a stairwell with more sets of doors all labeled "for employees only". A wandering busboy found me, who thankfully led me through the back end of the kitchen and into a basement speakeasy called Miss Wongs. 

I've been to my fair share of speakeasies, but this one was really unique. Not only was it relatively impossible to find it's entrance without help, but it was simultaneously timeless and kitchsy. A bar on one side, performance space on the other, separated by a two-way mirrored wall (that was very fun to play with later in my photographs). 

The audience filed in, a happy mix of regulars and newcomers. Ariel and Gordon run the Culture Vultures show every other week, and host the show together. They have a very fun chemistry together onstage, razzing each other and the audience to get them warmed up before the comics on the line-up take the stage. All of the performers were warm, welcoming, and kind to me-- and even though there was one crazed, drunken heckler, the show went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time (except for the one crazed, drunken heckler- she was given the boot). 

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