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Cast And Loose Live! 10/9/17

Cast And Loose is a live stage show based on the popular Tumblr blog of the same name. From their "About Me": 

CastAndLoose is a curated collection of breakdowns, parodied with the hopes of shedding a humorous light on some very serious issues in the Entertainment Industry: misogyny, racism, ageism, body shaming, heteronormativity, and objectification to name a few.
The lofty goal of CastAndLoose is to enact significant change in the way writers, students and content makers in film, tv and theater view their characters, and view actors.
The material for CastAndLoose comes from various sites, and is never taken from sources for which a user must pay to view.

This month's show centered around audition calls for Latinx actors and was a direct response to an Australian production of In the Heights that went viral in September for featuring 0 Latinx performers. 

Cast And Loose is bright, hilarious, earnest, and enlightening. I laughed and cried. 10 out of 10 would recommend.